Micha Haifa Center provides treatment, education and rehabilitation

for hearing impaired infants and children.

To all our friends and supporters,
We are now accepting donations by credit cards.
Please call: +972-4-8538276
Leave your details with our secretary and a reciept will be mailed to your home address.

Micha Haifa, the management, staff and families thank you!


Micha – Haifa & the North is a registered nonprofit organization.

We are responsible for whole of Israel north of Hadera – a population that includes Jews (including new immigrants from former USSR and Ethiopia) Muslims & Christians.

We accept any and every hearing impaired child that applies. There is no waiting list.

We work out of two centers: in Haifa and Tiberius.

We operate in Hebrew and Arabic.

Our staff: 70 full and part time professionals.

  • Our Challenge: The deaf and hearing impaired infant and young child.
  • Our Mission: To set the child on the road to integration into the hearing society.
  • Our Immediate Aim: To enable the child to enter the regular school system when he reaches school-going age – to hear, with a suitable hearing aid, to speak, to sing and dance.
  • Our Method: Apply professionalism and cutting   edge technology with compassion.
  • Our approach:
    First and foremost, treat the child as  a child, only then, address his/her special need. Bring a wide range of disciplines to bear on his/her impaired hearing.
  • Our facilities: Fully equipped audiology laboratory Computerized aids for speech and language development 4 nursery schools and 3 day cares A spacious auditorium Two multi- sensory rooms

    Rooms dedicated to various therapies

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Happy Passover!

On this Pesach eve, the holiday that symbolizes, more than anything liberation from slavery to freedom, we would like to share with you our activities, accomplishments and challenges. In our 2 centers, in Haifa and Tiberius, we continue our efforts to free our 150 children from their handicap and ensure a happy and meaningful future for them. In our Tiberius center The renovation is
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new children’s outdoor playground

Project of the Month Last month saw the completion of a children’s outdoor playground at Micha. a school for deaf children in Tiberius. Micha Tiberius provides treatment, education and rehabilitation for hearing impaired infants and young children with the single mission of fully integrating them into society by the time they have reached primary school age. “On visiting the centre, and meeting several of
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Important Accolade for Micha Haifa

  [Contributed by Nahum Finkelstein] ctober was a good month for Micha, Haifa and the North. First, it received another generous donation from ESRA Haifa. Second, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services selected Micha Haifa’s Rehabilitative Day-care Unit from all the Israel’s day-cares to be the focus of a pilot project. The project will validate new tools for overcoming stressful situations that arise
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