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Dear friends and partners,

As the High Holidays approach, we, at Micha – Haifa and the North, the children, staff and management, extend our heartfelt good wishes to you for a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year.

In our 2 centers, in Haifa and Tiberius, we continue our efforts to free our 130 children from their handicap and ensure a happy and meaningful future for them.

We give them and their parents the tools to overcome their hearing impairment, to speak, communicate, integrate successfully in the regular education system and become productive members of the Israeli society.

We appeal to you to bear us in mind as you consider your Tzdaka for the High Holiday season.

 Please send your donation by check to the following address:

 Micha – Haifa & the North                     In the U.S, through

50 Zahal St. P.O.B. 9096             P.E.F Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.

Haifa 31090                                                        7 Madison Ave, suite 607                                                                                                                                 
Israel                                                            New York, NY 10017

                                   For Micha Haifa: 58-001-672-3

Or by a bank transfer to:

Bank Hapoalim

Troompeldor St. Neve Shaanan’ Haifa

Branch 702

Account no. 563455

A receipt will be mailed to your home address.

.In closing, we wish you and your loved ones

a Happy and Fulfilling New Year.  Shanna Tova!


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