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Pesach Greetings!

We wish all our friends and partners a Happy and fullfilling holiday! Come and visit us.  

Opening 2 new Day Cares

Our population is growing and we have 20 infants on a waiting list. The Micha building cannot accomodate the growing population and we must open 2 new day cares in an extention. Currently, we are focusing on raising funds for this important cause. We ask you to consider a gift.

Happy 2012 to all our friends!

We wish you all a happy and succeessful new year and stay in touch!

A Happy New Year

We are happy to announce that we opened a new school year with 130 infants and young children in 4 day cares and 7 nursery schools in our two centers, in Haifa and Tiberius. We have 15 children on our waiting list and hope to expand soon and open 2 more daycares. We wish to take this opportunity to wish all our friends and
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Two good friends visited in Sukkot

Mr. Israerl Weinstock and Mr, Rob Kornmehl, two of our great friends and donors came for a visit. The visit was friendly and promising, They showed  great interest in our work with the children and in the latel rennovation of one of our babie’s day cares, It is always nice to have dear friends visiting!!!

Mr. Vance from the Bahai Center came for a visit

Mr. Anthony Vance, Deputy Director of the Bahai World Center, Israel Office, visited Micha 2 weeks ago. It was a great visit. Mr. Vance was deeply touched by the children and very impressed from the work we do. The Bahai center has supported Micha for the last few years and we hope to enjoy their support for many more years.

Happy Passover!

Kids and staff gathered to celebrate the holidays. Our program for the treatment of hearing impaired children from new immigrant families is on it’s way with the help of mediators.

Micha’s New Site

  Welcome to Micha Haifa site